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Coming back from Hiatus

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 3, 2014, 9:14 AM
Sorry for the delay in response to comments, notes and birthday wishes! They're all appreciated and I will be responding to messages shortly. I'd been working on in depth projects that will slowly be uploaded

Another year older another year...wiser?

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 30, 2014, 4:18 AM
:iconfelosoraptor: and myself :iconnikidaeve: turn 23 today! How the years fly. Make sure you wish this talented artist happy birthday :D 


Change to Bottle Sales

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 16, 2014, 2:28 PM
Because of the risk of breakage, shipping on all bottles will include a $3 priority mail charge.

These items will now be shipped priority, but along with the bubbled mailers, they are secured in a thick box to avoid any future broken items.

These are insured and tracked, and will make it easier to locate your product in transit!

I am sorry that not all my shipping is free, but is only limited to glass bottles.

Also, I am working some large commissions, and awaiting supplies on some items! Sorry for the delay to these clients, I am at the mercy of larger-company processing and shipping times!

Please buy me...

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 28, 2013, 5:07 PM
...a 3DS (Zelda edition) right now. I would forever be appreciative to anyone who got it for me!

Jk. Jk. But really, those things are awesome

20%-30% off NOW till Jan 2nd

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 9, 2013, 2:48 PM
Until January 2nd, I will be offering 20% off any order that had a minimum of $10. Code to use at checkout is "HOLIDAYGEMS13" but this offer is not limited to just pre-made items available on but if you inquire via Etsy, deviantART, or by email you can request commission items that will apply this discount. Use the "HOLIDAYGEMS13" in the subjectline so I can sort through notes for commission inquiries.  

I am loving the commission requests that have come in. If you request a big ticket item such as a large chainmaille item or in depth jewelry set (anything equal to or greater than value of $70+), I will apply a 30% discount and upgrade shipping to 2-day priority.

Please note: commissions are sent standard 3-7 day shipping to US residents but will arrive in 3-5 days. As the holidays are nearing, expedited shipping will be offered, at a minimal fee. If you require expedited shipping, please contact me.
Priority 2-day: $3
Overnight: $18 (UPS carrier will be used instead)

International sales can be arranged. Prices vary upon location for shipping so please provide me with a city/region and country to get estimates before purchase :D 

Tracking is included. Spread the word to your friends and family. Tweet, link to Facebook, as your loved ones may want to buy YOU something from my wares!

Also ask me about how to make a set! I would love to make a mana/health potion set!

Some items include:
Apothecary Supplies for a Traveler by NikidaEvePearl Orbs by NikidaEveEmerald Eyes of Zeus's Siren by NikidaEveGauntlet of the Ages: Refracted Hippocampus Scales by NikidaEveMonochromatic Mistress drops by NikidaEveTime Traveler by NikidaEveHealth and Mana Potions of the Apothecary by NikidaEveFading Magenta Octopus Necklace by NikidaEve

All orders from Cyber Monday are being processed for shipping. To all those who have purchased items, tracking codes will be to your shortly.

Also I have 2 items to post to show dA clients their commissioned Cyber Monday sales. I haven't forgotten! They're crafted I just need to upload.

Thank you all for your support. Have a wonderful holiday season
The day is nearing the end and my ONE DAY CYBER MONDAY SALE will be coming to a close tonight!

This firesale is granting 50% off all items currently in my Etsy store:

When you enter in "CYBERMONDAYMAILLE" at checkout, the discount will be applied.

Any gauntlet, single or set, that is requested today only will apply the 50% discount. This is a one time offer!

Please help me clean out shop for new product! This makes items easily affordable for small gifts for family and friends. All items are handcrafted for quality.

International shipping can be applied, but may vary in price depending on location. Please inquire further for details.

Cyber Monday Sale!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 23, 2013, 9:47 AM
[TODAY:] If on Cyber Monday, Dec 2nd, you visit and enter in CYBERMONDAYMAILLE you'll receive 50% off your purchase! This is only for shop items, inquire about commissions. Commissions will only apply to color changes in certain items that are available, do if there is a commission you would like, note me for details.

The exception is on Dec 2nd gauntlet commission requests will be 50% off! I've been dying to do a new set. 

International shipping is available upon request and will post a reserved listing as shipping costs may vary upon location 
SPREAD THE WORD TO YOUR FRIENDS! Tweet, Facebook, deviantart any link is appreciated as I only run 50% off sales once every few years!

I apologize for the spammed journals! Normally I do not do the repeats but I wanna make sure all my watchers get the opportunity.

I caved...

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 15, 2013, 4:19 PM
We now have a new puppy that's 10 weeks old named LIly, she's a German Shepard. And adorable

I'm really trying to clear my old stock on Etsys to make room for new well crafted items that are fresh in design and allowing more room for inspiration than letting other items sit. 

It's the holiday season and sale discounts will be posted to allow room for growth.

I'm always looking for commissions and have some wire works that are in progress.  I gotta finish tinkering with a dragon sword wire wrap, and a few other wire wrap necklaces will be posted for one online client and a few local ones. 

Anyways what the hell has been up dA? I hadn't heard any fun stories from my fellow deviants in awhile. Hit me up!

Also, things are starting to relax a little. In the fluster of getting the house winterized and in dire need of a new dehumidifier (waiting on back stock -_-) 
And had a new cortisone shot in my hand so the pains alleviated. If it doesn't stay gone then my dr will be surprised but may require minor minor surgery just to alleviate the pain because the bone is larger than it should be causing a super crappy pressure point. If it were a cyst they'd have drained it or lanced it out but it's bone shifted or something. She didn't say if it'd always been like that but it's only now just getting noticeably larger. 

1 month till I know if pain comes back.
3 months I should be fine w/ no surgery. Guess the doc only sees like a handful a year cuz it's not that common. But not that serious. Enough to be friggin annoying.

Print Sale with Felosoraptor

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 6, 2013, 6:38 AM
Halp! My sister is a photographer who does phenomenal things with her film and digital works. She does anything from light drawing, steel wool, to surreal designs and crisp real world photography of cityscapes. She is struggling with school bills that have popped up as a surprise because of certain state stipulations for funding and she's offering loose prints starting from $20 USD up depending on size and $75 and up for matted prints. Shipping is included for US citizens. Her journal to reference is here Felosoraptor'sPrint Sale or go to her profile :iconfelosoraptor: and see for yourself the beautiful photos she captures and creates. Please consider viewing as she is in need to get some funds raised and her works are under appreciated and ARE A STEAL at those prices. She sells prints locally but doesn't have an Etsy account, but will have the ability to send credit/debit transactions PayPal Invoices! Inquire further for details 
Swing Set by FelosoraptorSight Seer by FelosoraptorBumblebee by FelosoraptorGrand Wheel by FelosoraptorComfort Zones by FelosoraptorFairy Goo by FelosoraptorSouth Pier Star Trails by Felosoraptor

Commissions can be requested but sessions or studio like inquiries need to be clear but may be unavailable as travel is out of the question but requestedimages may be available! 

And now, Reconnected

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 2, 2013, 1:33 AM
I am still in the process of moving in, but I have alot of things settled and unpacked, including my beast computer! I have to reinstall some things, but its nice to have it back up and running.
Internet = check
electronics hooked up = check
jewelery commission = open

I have a repair to ship out, but I am open for all kinds of commissions, the more I can make, the more I can get supplies for new creations.

New posts will soon start coming in :D

Update-Also Daily Deviation Featured!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 27, 2013, 4:31 AM
Thanks to one of the lovely artisan craft admins who work file gently for the artisan community :iconmaytel: featured my deviation Chainlink Bikini top by NikidaEve!

I'm also closing and moving into my new home Friday . Sorry fr the lack of uploads the last few weeks but after this weekend I'll be in overdrive for creative projects! I'm looking for new and interesting commissions so please let me make them! Note me with specifics and ill try to work as best as I can with your needs! Also, if there is something that you wish to see done,  also feel free to suggest it. I believe a scalemail purse is in order. I would love to make this shirt I've been dying to see but I need new materials for larger rings than I had anticipated so that is delayed a little until I can fund it.

Thank you again to all the deviants who took the time over the last few days to look at my gallery and my creations since the daily deviation feature! I'm working on all the messages but I get alerts that they think its spam since I've commented back so much. Working on getting to you all!

Another notch in my repair belt

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 17, 2013, 8:53 AM
Before I used to repair electronics in little ways, never anything crazy like others that I knew, but today I fixed 2 gameboy. Pokemon cartridges. They used these little CR2025 batteries to save games back in the day, versus these flash memory drives and memory sticks and such like in the first generations of playstation. So when these batteries die, you lose all save capabilities, making it impossible to progress in Pokemon gold and crystal because you can't catch em' all!

I replaced 2 today without help, and without problems. The tiny welds were almost impossible to pop without ruining the board but I did it without a scratch :D

Proud little nerd moment for me today. 


Journal Entry: Sun Aug 4, 2013, 3:07 PM
Hello! It's been awhile since I'd updated. Currently still undergoing some new projects, and including a project where I'm moving into my first home. It's exciting and scary at the same time, and I'm running an Etsy sale starting TODAY! And runs until Sept 1st, if you type in "Aug2013" at checkout through my Etsy store, Gemslots LLC, and receive 20% off your order, when it totals $15 USD or more. Now seeing as I only have my shop set up with the US, please note or message me for international shipping prices, as they vary, but are available upon request. If you request a commission by Sept 1st, I will also credit you the 20% off with that timeframe, and will work my fastest to get it to you. Please inquire further for items.

I have 2 small projects to complete, a voodoo skull pin, and a cool color Byzantine bracelet so now is the perfect time to request the large project you've been waiting for!

Anything helps! It's immensely appreciated


Journal Entry: Tue Jul 9, 2013, 3:38 PM
Anyone have a good supplier for stainless steel wire?
I don't know any that just sell the wire direct instead of pre coiled ones. If I were to just buy the coils, I may as well opt in and spend the extra buck to buy pre cut ones >_<

Contest with Nikkolle!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 6, 2013, 10:32 AM
:iconnikkolle: is a lovely artisan who makes these adorable elf ear cuffs/additions. I love these things because cuffs aren't something I usually do but that's why I enjoy the craftsmanship so much!
She's currently giving a pair away! You just need to view this journal here Nikkole's Giveway Rules fav it. Repost it. And comment on her journal with your favorite game and character! It's a neat way to learn more about fellow deviants as well!

:bulletorange: I want these ears


Journal Entry: Fri Jul 5, 2013, 5:24 PM
Found out I have an allergy to something. Broke out into hives today. FIRST time ever.

Shit's weak.

Caffeine withdrawal gone-updates

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 27, 2013, 9:10 PM
Well 2 weeks without caffeine and despite feeling sleepy, I don't feel so anxious and starting to feel better. I feel like an additional week or two is needed to fully get all the b-12 high quantities and caffeine withdrawals under control and feel 100% normal again.

Also prepping links to start a prototype shirt. Please feel free to commission me or go to :bulletgreen::bulletblue:Gemslots LLC on Etsy!:bulletorange::bulletred:

This shirt though will be unique to my gallery and will be posted for sale once completed :D

Exhausted? Time to cut out the caffeine

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 3, 2013, 4:49 PM
Recently I've noticed changes in my diet and consumption had me feeling subpar. I've noticed my energy is limited, constantly exhausted, and just having issues with pains in my sides and feeling like my blood is molasses.

On top of this, I drink an energy drink every morning, and then flush with like 2 liters of water a day. But it feels like I'm on the verge of kidney stones-kind of pains in my side. Then I went looking up the side effects of prolonged, constant use (I really drink the same amount everyday down to opening the can at the same time) is really taking a toll on me. Sadly, even put on a few pounds because I'm not big into sugar, and this is definitely taxing.

So after the last 10 I just got (for the next 2 weeks at work, if I don't give them away sooner) are consumed, I'm starting my whole new initiative to eat a little better, and recoup. I'm to the point my asthma is even making it hard to breathe I'm that out of shape. Not with excess weight, but with no drive, or exertion other than the running I do at work.

Yay goals? I hope I can stick with it more than 3 weeks...
Also, not going back to coffee, only the occasional one with my weekend breakfast excursions. I don't want a crutch.
Plus it'd save so much money and let me sleep in an extra 10 minutes in the morning

also, buy something from me. Keep me busy and my mind off my withdrawals!